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What is Strategy?


1/4 – What’s a High $ Pain Point that Keeps Someone Awake at Night?


2/4 – What’s Our Unique Approach to Unlock the Value Pool?


3/4 – Why Us? Why Can’t Two Kids in a Dorm Room Build This?


4/4 – How Will We Engage and Delight Our Users?


Close Your Eyes and Imagine an Example of a Strategy. Got Nothing?


Is Strategy Dead?


Why Strategy and Analytics (Together) are the Future of AI


Lawrence of Arabia, the Original Agile Disruptor, Had Sore Feet


Startups Should Do “Value Pool Sizing”, Not “Market Sizing”


Strategy and Agility: Lessons from Toyota, Honda, Yamaha, and Tesla


Fill Your Founding Team With “MacGyvers”


Find People with No Teeth to Inform Your Product Design Process


Some Strategy Mistakes I’ve Made


Finding New Area of Growth: Lessons from Disney and DC Comics


Does Your Product Only Need to Change the Behavior of a Few Users?


How to Develop the 2nd Product Your Startup Needs: A Sales Engine


How to Avoid the 7 Stages of Grief When Naming Your Company


How to Create a Pitch Deck for Investors


How to Raise Funds for Your Startup


Why Coca-Cola’s Mission Statement is the Perfect Template for Yours


Anyone Who Claims They Have “The Perfect Sales Deck” is Missing the Point


How Do You Know If You Have Product-Market Fit?


How “Putting the Kale in the Pancakes” Can Reconcile the Needs of Buyers and Users


How to Get Users to Use Your Product


How to Get Users to Use Your Product on a Daily Basis


Take a Lesson from Google, Intel, and Others … Use OKRs Instead of Product Roadmaps


Can You Scale Your Company Without Losing Your Identity?


How to Prove that Your Product is Creating Impact


Do Your Marketing, Sales, and Product Materials Tell the Same Continuous Story?


PayPal’s Strategy and How It Evolved Over Time


Lessons on Corporate Growth and Culture from the American Civil War


There are 18 Sources of Competitive Advantage. Which Ones Do You Have? Are You Maximizing Your Use of Them?


Revenue Growth and ROIC Are All That Matter


4 Attributes of the Most Successful Companies, According to McKinsey


How the Patriots Won Superbowl 51


An Executive’s Guide to Implementing AI and Machine Learning


How We Accidentally Fired All of Our Top Performers


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